What is HackMerced?

HackMerced, a 36 hour hackathon focused on your designs, algorithms, and impact! We have a variety of workshops and mentors to aid you in your development. Along with fun social events throughout the hackathon! There will be rewards for each sponsored theme. So, Bunker down and get ready to bring your A-game!


Are there any requirements to attend?

As long as you're an undergraduate you're good! Refer to the MLH code of conduct for any uncertainties.

What if I don't have any experience Coding?

You're still able to attend and compete! Work with a team or ask any one of our volunteers for help!

Will we get hardware?

Yes! You will be able to rent out hardware at the event. Just make sure you follow the rules when renting them out.

How do teams work?

You can be in teams of up to 4 people and it is highly encouraged to find one to participate with!

What are the prizes?

We will announce them as soon as possible!

How much will it cost me?

Free! It costs nothing to attend Hackmerced!

Is there anything I should bring?

Yourself and a good mindset to hack!

Can I sleep on campus?

Yes! Just make sure it's in a designated area.

Any other questions?

Feel free to message us at: general@hackmerced.com!

2017 Sponsors

Are you interested in sponsoring our hackathon? You can check out our sponsorship package! You can contact us at sponsorship@hackmerced.com

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