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HackMerced 2016

Welcome to the JS-less HackMerced website!

Thanks for visiting HackMerced's website, we had a great 2016 competition and we're gearing up for more. Just scroll below for more info on HackMerced 2017

What is HackMerced?

HackMerced is the California Central Valley's premier Hackathon, founded in 2016 we set off on a journey to host an amazing event for 300 lucky attendees.

Check out last year's photos on the Facebook (Requires JS)

How do I apply?

We're currently not accepting applications (We'll open sometime in the winter) - until then feel free to join our mailing list. (Via Mailchimp)

Can I volunteer/help organize?

Yes you can! We're currently accepting applications for both volunteers and organizers! (Google Link)

Anything else?

Come talk with us on Facebook or send us an email at [email protected]